Blasting & Ground Motion Monitoring

Blasting is essential to various projects that require explosions like mining, excavations and demolitions. Monitoring the vibrations caused close to the blast enables our team to assess the effects caused by the blast. For structures located in the zone of the blast impact, vibration levels will be recorded to assess potential damage.

Why It’s Essential

These various types of seismic monitoring measure ground motion, velicity, air pressure waves and acceleration to evaluate the damage within the blast site. In cases where ground motion has been evaluated and studied for years, the statistical data produced has presented the potential damage to types of structures with varying sizes, shapes, loads and bearing capacities. It can also show how significant ground motion may damage sediment fills and groundwater supplies.

Innovative Methodologies

When it comes to monitoring methodologies, there are two main types that are utilized by engineers. The first being vibration monitoring, in which a triaxial velocity sensor is used with its axis oriented in the direction of the blast.

The second approach is air pressure monitoring, in which a high pressure microphone with the ability to measure upwards of 150 dB(L) is oriented in the direction of the blast.

A Commitment to Safety

We employ safety practices that ensure the highest protection of on-site crew, off-site crew and pedestrians. Given the industry that we’re in, our unfaltering commitment extends to limiting our impact on the environment by employing strict hazard-control measures.

Industry Know-How

We are experts in our industry. With years of extensive experience and consistently updated knowledge on the most recent developments within the industry, we are able to produce excellent results backed by in-depth studies and data analyses.

Innovative Problem Solving

We use a combination of innovative and time-tested problem solving methods that aim to keep every project one step ahead. Regardless of the problems and challenges we face, we are able to find effective and efficient solutions that work.

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