Caving & Subsidence Analysis

Caving and subsidence are the unique responses of the Earth’s surface to either man-induced or natural, geologic processes where the land’s surface sinks and settles. This is a complex response to excavation, with rock failure being the primary and most important element in the event of caving. Should this occur, we employ numerous methods supported by empirical models and analytical solutions.

Accepting Natural Processes

As rock strength naturally decreases with time due to relaxation and creep, rock failure becomes inevitable after a certain time. In addition, the constant application of pressure due to geological causes (even if it’s smaller than the strength of the rock) also causes rock failure. If your property is facing caving and subsidence, our exemplary team of industry professionals is able to provide data, analysis and science-backed solutions for its rehabilitation.

Decreasing Human-Induced Causes

On the other hand, subsidence can be caused by mining and underground extractions for water, petroleum or other mass (solids, liquids and gases). Typically, subsidence refers to vertical sinking of rock mass, although small-scale horizontal surface settlement may also be present. In the event of human-induced rock subsidence or failure, we use a highly-advanced class of technologies, data collection systems and analysis methods that allow us to conduct on-site geological surveys.


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