ESC Designing

It’s critical to conduct a thorough assessment of your land in order to design successful erosion and sediment control systems. At RMTEC, we help builders comply with local laws and regulations and protect our ecosystem.

Erosion & Sedimentation Control Systems (ESC)

Erosion is naturally-occurring. It happens when ground, soil and other particles are carried away, water streams or other means of displacement. While this is naturally-occurring, erosion from construction activities where large masses of land are disturbed is not and should be managed at all costs.

Controlling erosion and sediment from development sites minimizes the risk of pollutants from entering waterways like lakes, streams, reservoirs and drainage systems. This protects wildlife and safeguards water quality, as sedimentation can block culverts, damage surrounding properties and negatively affect ecological systems.

An effective action plan is critical, from the beginning of your project all the way to completion and long-term maintenance.

Why ESC Systems Are So Important

We provide effective sedimentation control systems for construction and development companies prior to project initiation. Having professionals carry this through ensures that controls are maintained throughout the duration of the project. Failure to do so could increase project costs due to the damage of surrounding properties, harm the environment and create run-ins with the law due to non-compliance. Failure to take the necessary protective measures can also negatively impact slope stability and the survival of vegetation. These sustainability practices should be at the forefront of any development project.

Environmental Focus

Construction and development companies hold a great responsibility to the environment. Our ESC Designing services guarantee compliance with Canadian laws and regulations and ensure that future generations are able to thrive on a healthy planet.

Quality Assurance

We commit to superior workmanship, every time. We adopt processes and tools that enable us to provide our clients with the utmost value without sacrificing quality, efficiency or cost-effectiveness.

Future Development

We plan ahead to extend the long-term performance of our ESC systems using detailed data analysis and project management. This is essential in the long-term performance of your structure and site.

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