Excavation & Shoring

At RMTEC, we bring years of excavation and shoring experience to our clients. We service projects of all sizes, from small-scale residential projects all the way to large-scale mega projects including hydro, mining, railroads and high-rise buildings.


We aim to provide smart, innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the civil engineering industry. Our primary focus is to ensure high-quality shoring services that help our clients maximize project safety regardless of complexity, scheduling or weather conditions. We utilize support structures and shoring techniques that are precision-engineered to adapt to the conditions of the construction site. These structures are designed to eliminate the chances of collapse in even the most fragile of conditions. By complying with the strictest standards of safety, efficiency and workmanship, we are able to bring satisfaction to every one of our clients.


Our excavation services are precisely designed to keep the properties that surround your project site from being impacted by the construction process. We use drilling, digging and grading methods in order to clear land from your property year-round, regardless of soil or weather conditions. Whether your project requires clearing for a commercial new-build project or the installation of drainage systems, we will always stay within budget, within schedule and deliver work to the highest standards. From repairs and alterations to new builds and project additions, you can count on us to maximize the value of your project.

Qualified Team Members

Our entire team is highly qualified for designing the shoring and excavation projects, holding extensive certifications, advanced training and master’s or bachelor’s degrees within their respective fields. This enables us to deliver results that surpass expectations.

Strict Safety Practices

Our safety practices are designed to ensure the safety of on-site and off-site crew, as well as the public that surrounds your property. Our unfaltering dedication to health and safety ensures any level of risk is eliminated and that corrective measures are applied to eliminate potential hazards.

Environmental Responsibility

We are well-aware of the impact that sectors within the construction and civil engineering industries have on the planet. This is why we are dedicated to ensuring our shoring and excavation projects have minimal impact on the environment through responsible, regulated disposal and minimally-harmful substances.

Work With Us

If you’re ready to elevate the quality of your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.