Ground Rehabilitation & Improvement

In cases where land conditions do not allow for safe construction, careful rehabilitation and improvement are in order. We use a series of precise techniques to address concerns associated with land disturbance for our clients.

Ground Rehabilitation

During ground rehabilitation, we treat degraded or disturbed sites to a predefined standard.Prior to beginning any project, an in-depth evaluation of site and soil conditions will help our team determine the primary goals of rehabilitation. This will also enable us to employ the correct rehabilitation techniques to be used to ensure safe site conditions during the building process and ensure long-term adaptability and stability. Our rehabilitation services extend to drainage and erosion control, tillage, revegetation and the restoration of soil productivity. This may also include ground reshaping and the constriction of diversion banks for degraded sites. Combined, all of the steps we employ to ensure fully-functioning and safe site conditions enable our clients to maximize the success and potential of their project.

Ground Improvement

Similarly, ground improvement technologies are meant to improve poor ground conditions on a site so that they can meet strict project regulations and requirements. This is critical on sites where soil replacement is impossible, whether due to technical, environmental or financial reasons.

Ground improvement methods eliminate the risk of significant soil settlements once heavy structures like buildings and roads are loaded onto it. They also ensure maximized bearing and drainage capacity, slope stability and reduce the risk of liquefaction.

A Customized Approach

Landmass greatly varies from project to project, making project sites vastly different from one another. We exercise a customized rehabilitation and improvement approach that allows us to adapt our practices to the unique conditions of your property.

Innovative Problem-Solving

We are well-versed in providing innovative solutions to the challenges local builders and developers face. We have the experience, knowledge and know-how to eliminate obstacles along the way, regardless of their severity.

Turn-Key Solutions

We ensure levels of compliance that far surpass the standard while reducing risk and lowering costs. This is critical in the success of your project’s performance both short-term and long-term. The RMTEC team makes finding the right solutions easy.

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