Numerical Analysis

The objective of numerical analysis in rock mechanics engineering is to find the most suitable engineering solutions to rock slope stability problems. At RMTEC, we use the most innovative, advanced and well-proven methods of determining slope stability and providing solutions to problems that can’t otherwise be solved by more conventional methods. These numerical studies are often grouped into 3 categories: continuum, discontinuum and hybrid modelling.

Continuum Modelling

Continuum modelling is ideal for the analysis of rock slopes, massive rock or heavily jointed rock masses. We utilize FEM and FDM methods to determine the stresses between elements in complex conditions and to forecast slope behaviour based on real-time monitored data.

Discontinuum Modelling

The discontinuum modelling method is ideal for rock slopes controlled by discontinuity behaviour. Because rock mass undergoes motion and is subject to mass external loads, it is considered to have blocks that interact with each other. In this case, the discrete-element method (DEM) is used as it allows for sliding between those blocks.

Hybrid Modelling

In hybrid modelling, we use an intentionally-selected combination of well-proven methodologies to maximize on their individual key benefits. From piping slope failures all the way to how high groundwater pressures influence weak rock slopes and lead to failure, it allows for the successful modelling of the behaviour of rock and its fractures.

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