On-Site Civil Design

At RMTEC we provide our clients with on-site civil design that ensures the success of their project. We support the on-site execution process by creating a synergistic connection between off-site design plans and on-site construction.

A Precision-Engineered Approach

During the on-site civil design phase, we are responsible for building, supervising, maintaining and operating your project to maximize its success. We collaborate with architects and other on-site crew in order to supply critical decisions and technical advice that works for the betterment of the project. This ensures a process that follows the allocated schedule and budget, without compromising on quality. Our responsibilities extend to making sure there are no health or safety concerns. This establishes a construction site that follows the strictest local, provincial and national laws, rules and regulations.

Strategic On-Site Guidance

We strategically resolve the inevitable day-to-day challenges that arise during the construction and development phase of your project. Whether you’re building a public mega project like a bridge, highway or underground transportation or need help executing a small-scale development, you can rely on our expertise. We look at the big picture while also having the ability to zoom in on the finer details that will make your project a success.


We are laser-focused on providing sustainable solutions, economical action plans and cutting-edge technology. This is fundamental to our ability to bring you long-term growth and advance you towards your goals.


We understand that your time and resources are critical and will always be readily available for any inquiries, questions or concerns you have along the way. We believe this is paramount to a project that reflects your most demanding requirements and overall vision.


We foster strong, enduring relationships with our clients and promise to be transparent, communicative and dependable. We are team-oriented and work cohesively towards making the common goal that is your project, a success.

Work With Us

If you’re ready to elevate the quality of your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.