Precast Structure

Precast concrete is a practical method of construction that makes it possible to build structures with an efficiency and cost-effectiveness that rivals all others. It can be used as a building’s main structural system as it’s able to transfer lateral, roof and floor loads as well as reduce total costs.

The Advantages of Precast Systems

Precast concrete structures have fantastic design versatility, allowing almost any shapes from curved and radial sections to connection points with significant flexibility. They deliver exceptional load-carrying capacity, enabling us to create small sections, long spans or even both. This makes way for structural systems that are adaptable, flexible and highly beneficial for the developer.

  • Design-build efficiency
  • Reduced costs (scaffolding, labour, materials)
  • Aesthetically versatile
  • Weather resistance
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Sound absorbance

A Well-Rounded Approach

At RMTEC, you can trust that our team of experts makes full use of the precast’s multitude of architectural, construction and design advantages. Whether you’re building a parking garage, a bridge, a shopping centre or any other type of commercial or residential structure, our team will ensure the project’s immaculate erection from start to finish. By using precast, we ensure a project that is affordable, precision-engineered, highly stable and resilient to deterioration for the long-term.

Technical Breadth

Our multi-talented team of industry-leading professionals have immense technical expertise that allows them to deliver superior results. We love turning visions into reality.

A Disciplined Process

At RMTEC, we integrate civil, environmental, mechanical and structural expertise to execute projects of all scales and complexities.

Project Diversity

We commit ourselves to fulfilling the unique size and geographic needs of your project and meet all schedule, safety, quality and budget targets.

Work With Us

If you’re ready to elevate the quality of your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.