Rock Mass Classification & Site Assessments

Rock mass classification is the backbone of sustainable structures and foundations, providing a practical basis for the design of underground structures or structures that require deep foundations. Rock mass classifications and site assessments are widely used all across the globe, helping establish thriving communities that resist natural risks.

The Benefits of the Rock Mass Classification Method

This approach greatly helps in the organization of observations and improves communication between engineers, geologists, designers and contractors. It provides a numerical analysis rather than a descriptive one, providing a superior application in the assessment of rock quality. The application of this classification system helps further the planning and success of hydroelectric projects, tunnels, bridges, underground transportation systems, silos, rail tunnels and more. It’s an incredibly simple and popular method for identifying and organizing vital information about rock mass characteristics.

Site Assessments for Sustainable Infrastructures

Rock mass classification and site assessment ensures a project that is precision-observed and precision-engineered, taking into account all possible factors. It helps to evaluate and determine everything from the areas of stress concentration and mechanisms of failure to zones of tension and zones of high stress. This makes it possible for us to design an external support system that is flexible to motion, highly stable and long-lasting.

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We implement a combination of innovative and time-tested problem solving methods that aim to keep every project one step ahead. Regardless of the challenges we face along the way, we are able to find effective and efficient solutions that work.

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