Underground Structures Design

At RMTEC our rock tunnelling and underground structure services extend across a vast array of industrial projects for our clients. They range from rail and transit tunnels all the way to pedestrian walkways, underground stations, underground storage facilities and underground powerhouses.

Tunneling & Underground Structures

Tunnelling spans across a myriad of vital sectors like transportation, rail and transit, nuclear waste repositories and wastewater conveyance, just to name a few. Our multi-talented team of engineers have vast experience in the conception, feasibility, construction, design and operation of such facilities. We have experience in realizing high-functioning projects and adapting their design to the most demanding site conditions using advanced numerical and analytical software programs, following all required regulations and standards. On complex sites, we employ innovative technologies and solutions that far surpass those of standard practices.

Flexible & Reliable

Our comprehensive approach accommodates even the most complex and challenging projects. Regardless of scope, scale, timeline and budget, we design our services to remain flexible in the face of change.

Progressive Solutions

We are well-versed in adapting our practice to unique site conditions. Combining traditional, time-tested rock engineering methods with new, state of the art solutions is at the heart of our practice.

Industry Expertise

We have extensive experience in all aspects of rock tunnelling and underground structures. This enables us to apply industry-specific knowledge and experience-backed practices across the vast landscape of deep excavations.

Work With Us

If you’re ready to elevate the quality of your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.