Wood Structure

Wood has been a reliable choice in structural engineering throughout history. With superior tensile strength, it has remarkably strong qualities as a heavy-duty material for use in structural beams. It’s easy to work with and can easily be cut to size on-site. Suitable for a wide variety of complex uses, wood is a material that the team at RMTEC is highly experienced in working with, whether for residential or commercial projects.

The Advantages of Wood

Although the industry has been relying more and more on metals, wood remains a universally trusted material.

  • Sound-Absorption: Wood has acoustic properties that minimize echo and absorb sound rather than amplify it like metal does.
  • Sustainable: Wood can be regrown through forestry management programs and decomposes much more quickly
  • Electrical-Resistance: Dry wood is an excellent insulator, as its electrical resistance increases as moisture content drops.
  • Strong: Although wood is a lightweight building material it’s superior in its ability to support its own strength. In some cases, it can even outperform steel.

Community Commitment

The quality of structural engineering depends on our knowledge of the materials we work with, making it possible for us to predict their behaviour when used in a variety of settings. Through the use of wood, we support a renewable and recyclable material, support local forest management programs and utilize its low-energy, carbon-positive production. 

At RMTEC, we rely on a precision-approach to designing structural support to ensure optimal cost-effectiveness, safety and durability for the long-term. Whether you require a small-scale residential project or a complex commercial one, we are committed to ensuring your project effortlessly integrates into its natural environment.

Project Management

We project manage from project conception to completion to ensure adequate time and resources are made available. This ensures we fulfill even the most complex project requirements.

Design Philosophy

We aim to provide a flexible approach that achieves the highest standards of architecture, engineering and design in order to meet client needs.


Our goal is to maximize value and reduce costs for our clients through high quality materials, immaculate labour and far-reaching industry knowledge.

Work With Us

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