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Who We Are?

RMTEC provides an expansive range of services in the geotechnical, rock mechanics, structural and civil engineering fields to our clients. RMTEC supports public, residential, industrial and commercial projects by providing enduring, innovative solutions. We design, manage, monitor and maintain structures of all kinds, from highways, bridges and dams to critical public buildings and infrastructures. Our expertise spans across a variety of sectors and aims to maximize value, mitigate risk and help communities thrive.

Our Services

We consistently deliver client-oriented, high-quality services that aim for the development of our community.

Geotechnical Engineering

We provide time-tested, innovative and effective solutions for the betterment of your project. Our team has extensive knowledge of design & managing in geotechnical engineering which lead us to deliver excellence projects in this field. With a deep understanding of British Columbia’s geotechnical makeup, we are able to deliver outcomes that will serve communities for generations to come.

Rock Mechanics Engineering

Our rock mechanics engineering have the knowledge and experience to work on a range of studies, from scoping to feasibility level. We are determined to provide operational improvements across all major resource types, for open pit and underground operations. RMTEC engineers worked on different worldwide mega infrastructure projects and bring an International perspective to your projects. Our practical experience within the wide range of projects ensures the identification of key Rock Mechanics characteristics is vital to ensuring a safe and successful design.

Civil Engineering

We deal with the planning, design, construction and maintenance of projects of all sizes, complexities and levels of construction. We take the time to align with our clients’ objectives in order to achieve their vision. This enables us to take part in building a civil landscape that enables our city to thrive in safe, thoughtfully-designed and inspiring surroundings.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering services ensure that your structures are able to withstand the stresses and pressures of their surrounding environment. We use precision-engineered technologies to calculate expected load and other factors. This helps us maximize stability in the event of seismic movement or other extreme events.

Project management

RMTEC involves the planning and organization of the client’s and subcontractor’s resources in engineering and construction to help define the goals and determine a complex set of the various project components that are to be completed. At a very basic level, our project management team provides the planning, initiation, execution, monitoring, and delivery of the project effectively, easily, and with the least possible costs.

Our Team

See the collective helping us build a better future.

Our collaborative team of experts is future-ready and profoundly committed. We thrive on turning challenges into opportunities that shape a better tomorrow. By maximizing on the power of teamwork, we aim to break new ground with unconventional thinking and an imaginative approach.

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