Foundation Design

Foundation design in rock mechanics engineering is essential in the creation of secure and stable structures. To achieve this, very high load bearing foundations and piles are driven deep into the rock layer to increase its bearing capacity, much like in deep foundations. This is because rock provides much better bearing capacity than soil, creating ideal conditions for structures that are built to last and withstand the Earth’s movement over time.

Ensuring Long-Term Stability

As natural events such as earthquakes and floods generate significant changes in mass loads, infrastructures must be built to withstand these risks and create a safe environment for our communities. These foundation designs must be economically viable, with an optimized design that considers damaging effects of these phenomena and a level of durability that guarantees the infrastructures’ sustainability.

Suitable & Unsuitable Rock Conditions

While unweathered rock can have an immensely high bearing capacity upwards of 60 tsf, weathered rock can present great challenges as it is subject to further chemical weathering, making it unsuitable for the use of foundation design. We are well-versed in determining the overall strength of the rock mass in the area of construction and highly knowledgeable in identifying problematic rocks. The identification of rock type is essential in the effectiveness of our work and our team of foundation and tunnelling engineers.

Seismic Bearing Capacity

Earthquakes can create devastating effects to foundations and the structures they support. We implement foundation design that improves bearing capacity during seismic events with the utmost precision and accuracy.

Local Knowledge

With years of experience, we have the knowledge and background to work in your region. We are familiar with the geological and geotechnical characteristics of BC, so you can rest assured that your project is in the hands of local experts.

Community Awareness

We not only work for our clients, but also for our communities. Our aim is to, through our work, create sustainable communities that thrive under all conditions and are able to withstand the risks of natural events.

Work With Us

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