Site Investigation & Soil Classification

At RMTEC we help our clients establish building site viability for clear and concise geotechnical reports. Our site investigation and classification services ensure in depth-summary of subsurface profiles, a discussion of solutions for the problems found, and engineering recommendations that fit the land profile.

Site Investigations

Site investigations are meant to determine the conditions of groundwater and subsurface soil. This is necessary for the cost-effectiveness of the project, as a preliminary geotechnical report will ensure site and soil viability – both necessary for a successfully designed and constructed project. A thorough site investigation and geotechnical report is paramount not only to comply with design and construction requirements but also to protect the builder post project completion. Should there be claims made against the builder regarding structural issues, a clear and concise report will easily address them.


Following the site investigation, our geotechnical engineers will classify any soil and rock brought to the surface during excavation and collect samples for testing. We utilize a variety of methods and tools to aid us in the classification process, including down-hole geophones and electric CPTs. Materials will be classified into several categories like excavated natural material, virgin excavated natural material and waste, with the latter being further classified into other categories. This is a crucial step prior to starting your project as the quality of the soil and the presence of other materials could significantly impact your building process and permissions.

A Multi-Faceted Team

Our entire team is highly qualified for site investigation and classification work, holding extensive certifications, advanced training and master’s or bachelor’s degrees within their respective fields. We take our work seriously and are proud to deliver professional, customized service.

A Dedication to Health & Safety

We employ safety practices that protect on-site crew, off-site crew and pedestrians. Given the industry that we’re in, our unfaltering commitment extends to limiting our impact on the environment and employing strict hazard-control measures.

A Commitment to Being the Best

We have a commitment to excellence which pushes us to continually elevate the success of each and every project we take on. Regardless of the complexity of your project needs, we pride ourselves on consistently providing top-level site investigation and classification services.

Work With Us

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