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Rock and Solid Instrumentation & Monitoring Solutions

RMTEC provides clients with rock mechanics instrumentation and monitoring services to ensure the safety and stability of deep excavations. These projects may include underground tunnels, bridges, dams, buildings and other essential public infrastructure.

We have fully automated instrumentation and monitoring solutions ensuring the stability and safety of deep excavations, tunnels, buildings, bridges, dams, levees and other critical infrastructure. RMTEC provides system design, installation, instrumentation, monitoring and engineering of any project of any size.



Our precision-designed monitoring process helps us track ground vibrations, rock movements and support loads and pressures. With this, we are able to identify potential hazard levels in order to design an appropriate contingency plan. This plan safeguards the installation, reading and result reporting phases all the way through to regular, long-term monitoring.

Monitoring is critical as any disturbance of rock could impact surrounding properties both short-term and long-term, as well as affect your own building site as the ground shifts over time. Our advanced techniques ensure rock and soil profile, as well as groundwater levels, are in ideal conditions for building and meet local laws and regulations. We maintain a monitoring process throughout the construction phase as well as after it in order to check for structural changes and address problems before they have time to develop.


During the instrumentation phase of any project, we utilize various instruments that enable us to measure everything from temperature and deformation to groundwater, pore pressure and stress in soil and rock. We utilize some of the most advanced technologies to assess the current conditions of your building site’s rock formations and accurately measure extremely sensitive data. The instrumentation we use is reliable, trusted, time-tested and is the very selection we employ in various projects throughout our coverage areas.

Blasting & Ground Motion Monitoring

Blasting is essential to various projects that require explosions like mining, excavations and demolitions. Monitoring the vibrations caused close to the blast enables our team to assess the effects caused by the blast. For structures located in the zone of the blast impact, vibration levels will be recorded to assess potential damage. These various types of seismic monitoring measure ground motion, velocity, air pressure waves and acceleration to evaluate the damage within the blast site.


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We make extraordinary efforts to ensure our services are uniquely tailored to client objectives. Our strength lies in our ability to deliver structures that are easily adaptable to surrounding changes, whether environmental or man-made.


Our collaborative process creates a synergy of empowerment, productivity and efficiency which maximizes the value that we provide to our clients. We foster a positive work environment that builds a strong internal network.


Our infrastructures are built using the safest, most technologically-advanced methods to ensure that they withstand the test of time. This establishes structures that thrive in the now, while also being prepared for the future.


Our uncompromising dedication to delivering excellence is the foundation onto which RMTEC was built. We are problem solvers who think outside the box and use unconventional approaches to break new ground in the industry.


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