Instrumentation & Monitoring

RMTEC provides clients with geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring services to ensure the safety and stability of deep excavations. These projects may include underground tunnels, bridges, dams, buildings and other essential public infrastructure.


At RMTEC, we utilize time-tested technology and the latest, most advanced instruments for the assessment of the earth’s conditions prior to your project. We use precise and reliable instruments that allow us to accurately measure and record critical data about your property. Different types of sensors allow us to measure groundwater level, water flow, pore pressure, lateral movement, temperature as well as stress and strain. The instruments we employ range from inclinometers, tilt systems and pressure cells to seismographs, borehole extensometers and automatic data acquisition systems.


Prior to planning the construction of any structure, an in-depth survey of the building site and surrounding area is carried out. We employ advanced site monitoring systems and techniques to ensure soil profile and groundwater levels are in ideal conditions for building and meet all local rules and regulations. We maintain a continuous monitoring process both during the construction phase as well as post-completion to check for structural changes and address problems before they have time to develop.

Quality Workmanship

Our team is extensively experienced and dedicated to providing each and every project we take on with quality workmanship. We hold ourselves accountable to the work we do and remain consistent in our efforts to surpass client expectations every time.

Superior Health & Safety Practices

We employ instrumentation and monitoring safety practices that protect on-site crew, off-site crew and pedestrians. This is paramount to the overall success of your project as well as the health of the environment it lives in.

All Projects, All Complexities

We have a commitment to excellence which pushes us to continually elevate the success of each and every project we take on. Regardless of the complexity of your project needs, we pride ourselves on consistently providing top-level services.

Work With Us

If you’re ready to elevate the quality of your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.