Campbell River, BC, Canada
BC Hydro
Start Date
August 2014
August 2017

Aim of the project was to construct the underground workings of the John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project in Campbell River, British Columbia.

The replacement project created a more reliable, seismically-robust, and environmentally-friendly facility with an increased installed capacity of 132 MW. SNC Lavalin signed an agreement with BC Hydro to design, build, partially finance, and rehabilitate the John Hart Generating Station Replacement Facility. The new station was operationally commissioned in November 2018.

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Detailed Overview

Project Highlights

  • The principle feature of the project is the Underground Powerhouse, where (3) three Turbines totaling 132 MW are fed by an 8.1m x 8.1m, inverted, D-shaped, Power Tunnel 1.6 km long, excavated with Drill-and-Blast methods.
  • A series of adits and ramps provide temporary and permanent access to the crown and service bay of the 23m x 39m x 93m Underground Powerhouse.
  • A Drop Raise Shaft is foreseen in the Powerhouse, facilitating the spoils removal cycle while excavating the powerhouse benches.
  • An Intake Shaft (6.5m-diameter x 60m-deep) excavated using Conventional Shaft Sinking methods conducts water from the intake structure to the entrance of the Power Tunnel.
  • A Shaft (4m-diameter by 109m-deep) excavated by a Raise Bore Machine accommodates the upstream surge requirements of the system.
  • A Tailrace Tunnel 6.5m x 10.7m excavated by top heading and bench using Drill-and-Blast methods conducts water 550m from the Draft Tubes and Bypass Tunnels to the Tailrace Structure on the Campbell River.

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