Tehran, Iran
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Tehran Metro Line 3 travels from northeast to southwest. Line 3 is one of the most important lines as it connects southwest Tehran to northeast, crosses busy parts of the capital city.

This project includes construction and design of 2 underground stations named Ghalemorghi and Nemat Abad stations, exit shaft, entrance shaft, substation and also construction and design of tunnel with approximate length of 7 km which the tunnel drilled by TBM.
The TBM used in this project is of EPB type with 9.20 m diameter. Thickness of segment pieces are 35 cm and outer diameter is 8.85 m.
Regarding execution of project, because of repetitive passing from underneath of rails of national railway, Navab Bridge and railway building, the project was particularly important and critical.

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Detailed Overview

Project Highlights

Tehran Metro Line 3 is about 37 km long including 28 stations, single tunnel, which entire route is being operated underground. This line starts from the Artesh highway in the northeast of Tehran with Ghaem station and passes through Babaei, Imam Ali, Sayyad Shirazi, Majidiyeh area, Shahid Beheshti and Vali-e-Asr streets and continues to Rah-Ahan Square. Then it goes to Javadiyeh and Qaleh Morghi streets and after passing Abdolabad and Nematabad area, it ends in Azadegan station.

The line includes 4 intersection stations with lines 1, 4, 6 and 7 and one depot and parking lot in the south part near Azadegan station. A parking lot with a capacity of 6 trains is also planned in the northern part near Ghaem station.

Construction of waiting hall in Vali-e-Asr station, which is one of the most beautiful stations in terms of architecture and execution, and variety in construction (using three methods of mechanized, traditional and open trench excavation) are among the specific features of this line.

The capacity (PPHPD) of this line is 45,000 with a headway of two minutes. The main rail is UIC 54, switches are 1:7 using same rail with radius of 150-190 m and third rail is steel-aluminum with capacity of 4500 Amp.

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